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June 2022 All Star Nicole Aniston returns for her second feature from the photographer, Agent X. On location in Los Angeles, California, Nicole poses as if she were an art piece in a museum. “I love being the ‘weird friend’ with the cool job that never feels like work,” laughs Nicole. “Wha t I love most about my job is the freedom of expression without apology.” Showing up unapologetically herself is something Nicole strives to do in all her encounters. “My guilty pleasure? Talking about personal topics with ‘strangers,’” she begins. “I’ve been gifted the opportunity to hear what is classically noted as TMI from strangers, and it always yields a greater conversation about life. It’s so gratifying and an honor for a stranger to immediately sense that I’m trustworthy to hear their story.” Nicole finds joy in getting deeper in touch with herself and those around her when she’s not working. “Meditation, learning to channel, tarot, simplifying my living space and finding new recipes to make at home,” she shares of how she spends her free time. “I [also] love working out!” Stay tuned for another feature from June 2022 All Star, Nicole Aniston, coming soon!

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