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“For years, I have had people tell me that I’m easy to talk to,” shares September 2022 All Star, Blake Blossom of herself. “It warms my heart when someone trusts me.” Back for her third feature this month, Blake spends the afternoon indoors as the photographer, Jay Chu, captures her. Dress ed in all-black lingerie, Blake shares what she loves about her career. “I’m a professional adult film actress, nude model, and amateur director,” she says. “Storytelling has always been my passion. I love being naked— I think it’s the most vulnerable. A person’s true colors come to light when naked and in front of bright lights.” A deeply empathetic person, Blake strives to live with others in mind. “Some words I live by? ‘Everyone is going through their own problems, so choose kind words,’” she says. “I try to put myself in others’ shoes.” As for future aspirations, Blake loves fashion and would love to dip her toes into the industry. “I would love to release a lingerie collection,” she says. “I feel the sexiest when I’m wearing lingerie with a bold perfume.” Learn so much more about Blake Blossom right here on Playboy Plus.

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