My Pervy Family – Slimthick Vic. Download ODAY free videos.



Shit was embarrassing for me (Diego Perez). My girlfriend dumped me because I’m a 2-pump chump. Premature ejaculator. You can understand why I didn’t feel like going to a New Year’s Eve party?? That didn’t stop my hot step-aunt Slimthick Vic, from pestering me to go with her – my mom asked her to keep my spirits up over the holidays while she was visiting. I just wasn’t in the mood. She basically interrogated me until I told her what my issue was… embarrassing & awkward! I was shocked when she told me she could help cure my problem! She said she would do it, but only on one condition… I had to do whatever she told me to do!! I wasn’t in any position to argue (plus she is so hot I didn’t want to argue lol) so when she told me to – I was nervous but did what she said! She then told me to jerk off right in front of her so I could cum and get it out of the way…

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