Melia Anal (Full HD). Download ODAY free videos.


Melia’s ass glistened with lubricant, and she smelled fresh and musty as I was buggering her up her rectum. I had to. She had already pleaded, “fuck my ass please.†Well really, I told her to say that, so she did. I told her I was going to fuck her and chain her up. What I really liked was when I first pushed my cock head against her sphincter, harder. And then it just popped inside her asshole. She moaned a little, nice cooing moans. I like that. I like pretty much everything about Melia, her little tits and slender figure. When I came on her tongue, she was not sure whether to swallow it straight away or pose with it for the camera. In truth, Melia is not an out an out slut. Far from it, she has got a reasonable job — don’t know what she does — seems to keep up long term relationships, and only fucks around when a discrete opportunity comes around. I am not too sure that getting fucked up the asshole in front of a camera and millions of fans is that discrete, but she was happy enough to do it. You know a lot of girls do this, because they want their boyfriends to see and enjoy the video. I think Melia is one of these. I am happy to present for your anal pleasure, demure and delicious Melia on video. I hope her boyfriend enjoys seeing this as well, and when he kisses her on the mouth, he will know that my penis has been in there too.

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