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Your father is again away for a business trip..and you feel like.well.your mommy is here alone, it been for a while she was so..yours! You coming down, hearing your mom is on the phone.but with who? You are listening for few moments and you realize, your mom is on the phone with daddy! Well they playing weird game..phone sex! Mommy sees you but she is not friezed down..no.she start to play her naughty game with you during the phone sex with your dad! Oblivious that your touch make her so horny and so much easier to talk with your dad about dirty things…You start to fingering her and you feel how juicy mommy’s pussy is..wow..that much is turns her on whole game! She says : ,, Yes.now I want to feel your hard cock so deep inside me!” And she looks at you.her eyes are so wild.so hungry for her sons cock.You are doing exactly what she is saying.you know it is so taboo, to having sex with your mom, when she is on the phone with your dad and having actually phone sex.but..hell, your mom is so sexy and she wants you to make love to her so much! You just can control, you need to feel her juicy pussy, seeing on her face how much she enjoys your hard cock!!! And then.when you made her cum few times and she is so satisfied and all happy..she let you, yes.your mom wants to feel you inside her…all your warm cum belongs to her and her wet pussy! She screaming in to the phone : cum.cum now.inside me! Let me feel you honey..let me feel your pumping cock!!!

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