James Deen – Alison Faye. Download ODAY free videos.



Alison Faye, wearing a black halter top and black fitted jeans, sits properly on the black chair located just a few steps away from the staircase. She looks prim and proper with both of her hands on her lap while her legs are crossed. She’s like a fallen angel from the sky as she smiles sweetly in front of the camera. Her innocence exudes through her young-looking face and petite body frame. After a few minutes of conversation, she stood up and walked away from the camera. The scene cuts to Alison, lying on the white-tiled floor, bare naked. Looking at her shut eyes and clenched palms, one can say that someone has already started to pleasure her. A man’s hairy arm is caressing her belly and she is smiling like she’s having the best time of her life…

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