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Roleplay can often be the starting point for entering the worlds BDSM/Fetish.

Even though most people do not realize this until later in life, Fetish desires can be traced back to childhood. You can recall as a young boy seeing a beautiful, sophisticated, young woman in tailored suits, cream satin blouses, quality leather gloves and slim legs. She was clad in sheer nylon stockings. Perhaps you remember her sweet and seductive voice.

Scarlet pouting lips. Make up beautifully applied. Glam ebony hair in a loose ponytail. This powerful image is stored in your subconscious. You will be influenced by the fragrance Coco Chanel, Court Stiletto heels (6 inches), and her aura as you age.

The mind is the greatest tool one can ever have. These images are buried in your subconscious mind for years and could be the start of your Fantasy. A sophisticated Mistress, oozing charisma, has become a blueprint, programmed deep in your mind. This powerful image is a result of your mind’s development.

Sexuality? What is the role of sex in this picture? There are many aspects to this picture that could trigger your sexuality. It could be as simple and as straightforward as her beauty, fragrance, or deeply seductive voice. Why? What attracts you? We all are individuals. Only you will be able to identify the trigger.

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