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If you’re not familiar with a particular massage parlor and want to get a Happy Ending then follow a few simple steps. Make sure to let the girl know that you are not a cop. After you’ve laid down on the table, you don’t need to cover yourself with a towel. She may or may not cover you. If she doesn’t cover, then she may be fine with giving you a rub. If she does cover your face, then you might still be able to have a conversation. You might think she is covering her ass in order to cover hers. She might think it’s a set up so she wants to be sure.

You can also roll over and let your towel fall off, but only if you do. Although there is a good chance you won’t get a Happy Ending, if she covers your face up, it could be a sign that you are not happy. If she ask you if you have any “special” areas you need attention, point to your general groin area but don’t say anything incriminating. She may then ask you to touch the area. This is a good indicator that she’s open to a little tug-of war, but she wants to be clear about what the misunderstandings are. DO NOT discuss money until you know for sure she’s cool with it. To screen a girl, ask to see her tits. This simple verification will usually be accepted by most.

This can be quite a difficult process, but you will need it in most places until your place is approved for giving rub-n tugs. Good luck!

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