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Sexy offenders. Arrested, fucked!

Did you realize that the worst offenders do not always consist of sweaty, hairy men sporting big biceps. Statistics show that more crimes than 35% are committed by desperate women. Some of these crazy bitches can be very sexy. Here are some stories about bold and arrogant women who broke the law. They were caught by security guards at the crime scene. They were placed in handcuffs and then put in a box to wait for the police. All of their crimes were caught on video. This evidence shows they are guilty. Check out what these criminals are willing to go to in order to avoid their legal punishment. They will plead for their freedom and not be arrested. They would rather be suckered than searched. They would want to be fucked by the guards instead of interrogation. They will do any thing to prove themselves worthy of the law. LAW4K members get unlimited access streaming and downloading. Your favorite videos can be viewed in 4K format on both your computer or mobile device. No limits, just fun!

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