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Crazy Slutty (aka Sara Victoria) takes this personal connection to a whole new level serving her members desires by allowing them to dictate the
Content on her website.

This results in a near custom porn experience which.

Although Crazy Slutty and the same guy dominate most galleries, there are still galleries that have other people in them. Crazy Slutty is often portrayed as a girl who looks very much like the girl next-door. Pictures of toys, bondage straps, smoking outside sex, foot fetish and other topics are all included in the galleries. One of my favorite picture galleries is one that includes Dungeons Dragons dice. This is a great collection. My only problem is that some albums aren’t properly labeled (with names like “Album187”) and that I’d like an index to some of my fetishes so I can see all the albums related to them. The photography is excellent, the interface is easy, and the images load quickly.

The video gallery offers a great variety. As with the photos, there is a lot emphasis on facials as well as oral treatments. Many videos are shot from POV. Some of them are close-up. It looks almost like the same guy in many videos, even though we don’t see his face. The videos are edited very well so they don’t consist of one shot. This helps keep them moving. These videos are HD, but they still have that’shot at home” feel. Again, I think this is part of their charm. Rose Red is a great actress. However, I would like to see more male partners.

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