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Hello, my name Emily and I’m 20 years old. Yeah, I know I look much younger but don’t be worried – I’m 100% legal ;-)) I’m having lots of fun running this site and you can learn many interesting things about me on my members’ board. I am active on my board.)) I also respond to emails fast and keep in touch.

NAME: Emily
AGE 20
FAVORITE CLOTHING: Jeans, Tshirts and comfortable clothing as well as sexy, lingerie
FAVORITE MOVIE: Requiem For A Dream?
FAVORITE FOODS : Ohhh… I’m picky because I want my body to stay healthy. So I love eating salads. However, I do not like pizza or spaghetti.
FAVORITE BOOK – Too many to choose from. Serious books are the ones I love. They make me think.
TURN-ONS: Dirty talk during sex. The more vulgar the better. Good kissers.
TURNOFFS: Guys who don’t show any respect for women. That’s all I can think bout now ;-))

Many people wonder how I got in to this business. Let me tell it. It was nearly 2 years ago.. I was part of an online community that allowed us to share photos and chat. I used to be a student in school. I received a pm from Alice. She asked me if it was possible to work for her modeling and set up a website. She said I was beautiful and could make a great online career. I was confused, but she explained everything to me when we met and I answered “YES.” Because I live alone, without my parents, I needed some extra money. ))). This site pays my rental and allows me to save some money for college.

I discovered that the shoots are actually very enjoyable. I like taking pictures and being creative. Many men see me as more then just another boring model. My pictures show that I have personality. I enjoy interaction. I don’t like to be “at home”. I prefer to have fun when i’m young. 😀

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