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There is a reason you are here. You are drawn towards me like a moth toward a flame. It was perhaps a glance at the sensual photos. Perhaps it was just a quick glance at my seductively appealing clips. Day after day, images of me, desires and fantasies for me invade your thoughts. Your weak and pliable brain is the place where addiction seeds. It is not a coincidence that you want more. You are following along the path that I have paved for you my pet. It will take root in your heart and soul, and it will last forever. This urge drives you to be more and makes you want to serve me. It is this that you are here. There is no place else you’d rather be but kneeling at my feet in submission, praying that I will make you my property forever.

Be aware that this is not all about you. Your urges and desires are intended to help me and my Goddess Lifestyle. I am a real living Goddess, you see. I love to sculpt your minds into a frenetic state that is full of Goddess Lindsey addiction. I will slowly subdue your life, breaking you down one by one, fetish after fetish. This craving, this addiction will consume you. Both of us know this is what you want.

You can follow me along with a good-natured boy as I guide you to your new home. You must be careful, my pet. Your servitude urges will be insatiable. This is not a game. I will challenge your addictive behaviors and leave you wanting more. You will live to serve your Goddess Lindsey, mind, body, wallet, and soul forever!

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