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Hi guys, my name is Carmen but my friends call me “Car”.
My background is as a registered nurse and I became interested in prostate stimulation after I assisted a doctor with a routine prostate examination. I could tell that he was experiencing an erection shortly after I entered the exam area. He seemed a bit embarrassed, so I tried my best not to notice how large his cock was.

For the DRE (Digital Rectal Exam), Dr. John had him lie on his back and bring his knees up to his chest. His cock curled downward, so he pulled his knees towards his chest. This gave me a good look at how large it was. The head was already producing precum, and it was almost completely full.
The Doctor began the prostatation. He ejaculated the largest amount of cum I’ve ever seen in my entire life within a matter minutes. After the first spurt of cum I was mesmerized and couldn’t turn away. I felt a large chunk of cum in my stomach. Without realizing it I said outloud “Oh my god”. It was a massive mess that I had the to clean up, but it wasn’t a problem.
The Doctor later took me aside to discuss exam room etiquette in front of patients. Although he thought that I was embarrassed by the experience, I was actually intrigued.

I now own and operate a prostate massage clinic in Phoenix where patients can have “milking” sessions for intense ejaculation. I joke with my patients that it is the “Cum Clinic”. I still work at a hospital and do this more as a hobby.
My preferred method to milk my male patients was to have them ride a Sybian sexual machine while I stroke their cocks slowly until they let go. I also love to milk men dry with my hands.
I recently started recording these sessions as part of a training program for new employees and one of my patients suggested that I start sharing them with you guys so here they are.

You will be able to see me throughout my session. From asking simple questions about my patient’s ejaculation habits, to me putting on my latex gloves and preparing the machine for release, to then sharing my experience with the patient.
To give you the experience of being there, all my videos have been recorded in HD at stunning 1920x1080p. These sample images are from HD videos and will give you an idea about how clear they are.

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