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Fifteen years on the Internet and still strong & growing!
Do enjoy my preview section, bio page, services page and much more!
My Club is filled with Big, Rock Hard Sexy Muscle, Big Boobs and loads of Sizzling and Steamy Hot XXX Action!
Yvette gets her freak on with boy/girl, girl/girl, Anal, Tranny fucking and much more!

Cum and get in on the hot XXX action with this nasty, freaky sexual beast and amazingly stunning, erotic, porn star and beautiful bodybuilder!
I am not going to take up to much of your time, as you get the chance to get too know me a little better and how I became this infamous
Internet, Sexy Muscle Goddess and Muscle Porn Star Babe!

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I was born in Junction City Kansas, and grew up in Denver Colorado.
Okay, let me rewind back to the late 80″s…this is when I first started weight training. I was in the US Air Force, stationed at my first base in California, going to work like everybody else and one day, I went to the grocery store, while there I always go to the magazine rack because I love to read books and look at fashion magazines…anyway, I saw this Female Bodybuilding Magazine, Women’s Physique World…which sadly is no longer in publication, only on the Internet…as I browsed through the pages and saw all these women with muscles, I got all excited and said some of these women look awesome! Keep in mind, I have always been on the skinny side and weighing no more then 105-110 lbs most of my teen and adult life. wanted to have a strong and powerful physique like some of these women had, so off to join a gym I went and as the saying goes, The rest was history!

While still in the Air Force and stationed in Oahu, Hawaii in the late 90’s…I found myself at another magazine rack in a record store and saw and bought my first issue of Denise Masino’s Muscle Elegance Magazine, I was like, “Oh My God” now this is what I am talking about! These women are not only strong and powerful but some where sexy as hell! At that time there was an Ad advertising a contest in the magazine looking for female bodybuilder’s for nude photo shoots. I had been training for a while now and had went up in weight and packed some muscle on my body and said, “Hey I want to try and see if I can get in this hot magazine!” I applied for the photo contest and when I got that call from Robert Masino, telling me, they had selected me for the photo shoot, I almost passed out on the phone! You would have thought I won the lottery! LOL I ended up actually being featured in three layouts in this magazine. This magazine also is no longer in publication, only on the Internet.

I have competed in many Bodybuilding shows over the years, both while serving in the US Air Force and as a civilian, after I got out of the service, having served in the US military for over thirteen great years. I started out competing as a lightweight competitor for a couple of years and then competed as a middleweight competitior for the rest of my career. I qualified in 2002 for the NPC, National level bodybuilding competitor and competed as an NPC compeitor for four years. I retired from competing in 2006. I have won some competitons and lost some, but for me I did it all for the love of the sport. I was a tomboy growing up and played many different sports, but I seem to have stuck with bodybuilding all these years. Bodybuilding is my Lifestyle!

Now, if being featured in classy nude magazines was not enough… I was working out in the gym, while on a trip to Los Angeles, California in 2002 and a guy came up to me, who owned a porn website and asked me if I was interested in doing a porn scene. He gave me his business card and I told him if I was interested I would get back with him. I had to give this invitation some serious thought! LOL After a few days, of soul searching and tellng myself, I could do a porn scene, no problemo! LOL After all, I had been a stripper for about three years and I was very comfortable with my sexuality and my physique, so why not? I have always been into voyersium and I have no problems having sex in front of strangers. I am bisexual, so no big deal! Well, I did the scene, got paid and once word had got around to my bodybuilding fans, that I did porn, that guys site took off with new members, and my fans wanting to see a female bodybuilder in a hard-core boy/girl scene!…
I did not disappoint either!

What are you waiting for?
Join Now! “Cum and check out all the non-stop action in my Club, right now!
I am waiting for you!
XXX, Yvette Bova

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Jeffrey Mills
6 months ago

Hotter than a firecracker 🧨

6 months ago
Reply to  Jeffrey Mills

True, very hot vids!

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