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Sperm Mania features some of the messiest cum fetish play ever created. We create new scenes every day, pushing the boundaries of spermfetishism. Messy Cumshots-All of our scenes have messy, creamy, gooey and messy cumshots! It is impossible to use fake cumshots. All 100% semen. Cum Blowjob – Sloppy seconds blowjobs! The Japanese girls take two men and then she sucks them both with a thick cumshot. She finishes the second guy off with her cum-filled mouth. Our girls love to spread the cum over dicks using their mouths and then suck that back off for some extra sloppy blowjobs. Cum Handjobs – Handjobs using cum for lube After blowing a guy to get thick, white cumshots into her mouth she drools all that cum onto another guys dick then jacks them off with all the sticky, cum lube

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