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Kimmy is my evil twin and I will corrupt you.
I am half smurf/half weirdo, since you’re already here.
I kinda lied, its all weirdo, nothing normal in here!
I am 21 and a half years old and the half is the most important since we all know how big of a difference a half of something can make.
Wink wink. I am a Middle Earth resident and am obsessed with everything high fantasy. League of Legends is my favorite, as well as K-pop and Asian dramas.
I love food, to cook and to make people around me happy.
My chatroom doesnt have any specific rules, just be a gentleman and have a great laugh watching me failing at being sexy!
Take some time, between the giggles, to get to understand my brain, it has some really hot synapses.

Kimmy is your side!

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