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Well here goes – I keep getting asked, so I’ll have a go and do a little bio. It’s a funny thing, I’m quite happy strutting my stuff and being as badly behaved as I can on photoshoots, film, TV and the web – but actually giving you a bit of background as to what makes me tick…now thats a different question – where do I start? I’ll just have to dive straight in, but drop me a line if there’s something I’ve touched on that you’d like to know more about. I could write a book on my shoes alone so you have been warned!

I was born in the East End, which makes me a genuine Cockney – though I hate the rather hackneyed (lol) old cliches about Londoners – I like to think I’m very much the 21st century cosmopolitan girl! Below is one of my earliest fetishy pics. Don’t I look sweet and innocent – not! Now you don’t see anything like that in ‘Eastenders’… lol

I grew up in London and developed what I guess is a rather eclectic taste in music. It’s generally very rock/pop based from early rock and roll, to The Beatles, The Kinks etc. with a fair bit of Motown and Ska thrown in … not forgetting Punk of course! This was largely influenced by one of my Uncles who used to take me on tours of leading art galleries and museums in London when I was younger. I think he rather enjoyed having his own little ‘pre raphaelite’ to show off! We lunched at fabulous places like French House in Soho – he never got me in the Groucho club as I was far too young apparently!

My post punk tastes have centred around a life long love of The Cure. I’ve been to more concerts than I can remember plus countless others by the likes of Muse, Radiohead and Placebo etc., etc…
After University ( yes a Geology degree with Honours to boot!), I started my own business opening and running one of Britain’s leading retro boutiques in North London’s infamous Camden Market – a business I still have a vested interest in today – though like all things in life it’s now internet based and thriving. So when anyone mentions Camden to me these days it’s a case of ‘been there, done it and got the T-shirt’!

It was about 12 years ago that whilst in Mayfair I had a rather unusual meeting with one of the ‘enfant terribles’ of the London fetish scene at the time – Ben Westwood – fetish photographer son of Vivienne. He stopped in the middle of a very busy road climbed on to the roof of his car and shouted after me the old chestnut ‘I want to photograph you’. Let’s just say by the end of the week I was on every lamp post in Soho (well, nearly!) on a flyer for a gay nightclub in a very compromising position!

For a while I briefly became Ben’s muse and what followed was a huge amount of work, including the now lost bondage movie starring scream queen Eileen Daly and Moi. It was a tour de force of bondage, naughtiness and haute couture lingerie from Vivienne Westwood and Agent Provocateur – surely a Suicide Girls production way ahead of its time! This film very briefly became cult viewing in the London arthouse world until one night the co-director ran off with it! All I have is a very small clip of me being tied to a 50’s vacumn cleaner whilst Eileen did more than just clean the floor with it – lovely!

Since those early days I’ve never stopped working, covering both fetish and glamour genres with my usual ‘joie de vivre’! I’ve worked right across the UK glamour business – and travelled the world along the way – including my own ranges of naughty fetish dvds ‘The House of Red’, ‘Sex Bondage’, and ‘Dungeon Diva’. In fact I’ve lost count of the number of films I’ve made & despite being nominated for an AVN for my very first film plus various other awards, I’ve always tried to keep my feet firmly on the ground. I’ve always worked with camera clubs and amateur photographers and hopefully I’ve managed to straddle the change-over in the glamour business from its late 20th century magazine/video base to the 21st century internet web-based business with great aplomb!

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