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46 FULL HD POV, Deep Throat, Rimming, Anal, videos. NEW 2019 videos! Below you can find the links for download and as well links for whatch the videos online!
So, you have seen the pictures. Milana does look like a glamour model, and that is because she *is* a glamour model. She has done a lot of photoshoots including some pretty big budget ones.
Normally when a model with that background decides to try porn things are usually pretty boring. They insist on only doing some pretty softcore stuff, girl/girl, masturbation, vanilla sex, etc. all of which i’m sure there is an audience for, but it is not my cup of tea. So when she got offered to us as a model i was sceptical at first and wanted to make sure she understands what we shoot and what is expected of her. It was clear from the beggining that she was not comfortable with anal, but we talked through all other aspects of what we shoot and she agreed to all of it – including the pissing.


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