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WELCOME TO BONDAGE JUNKIES – As the name says, we love bondage and so do our girls. Whether you’re into mummification, self-bondage, electricity, tickling, latex, pantyhose, bound orgasms, or maybe some stricter predicaments. We have it all. I would tell from the start she was no stranger to ropes but played along anyway. As she pretended to have never been bound before, I pretended to be a rope newbie. If she was hoping to escape easily from shoddy ropes Briella was in for a surprise. Once her first leg was bound it was obvious this wasn’t my first time. As her other leg and arms soon followed, we continued with our white lies. Her not wanting to admit she was hoping for an easy escape and myself nodding agreement when she asks if I’ll let out her soon. One thing is clear; Briella will think twice before telling any more white lies.

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