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After a huge amount of mails I received containing just one request – to get online again, I decided to grant that request to all of my fans and, once again, give them the online access to my lifestyle. With that in mind I created a completely new site which will, in the coming years, through it’s content and video episodes, show me, the Real Goddess, and my real life. To be honest, that kind of exposure was always fun for me and, in a way, fed my eccentric nature.

In the mean time nothing really changed in the relationship with my personal slave (husband). We still live together in a harmonious marriage where I do whatever I want and he has to do whatever I desire. In time I became more demanding, more strict and less tolerant.That’s completely understandable considering I started to build a career as a successful painter after I graduated at the Academy of Applied arts. Since then I truly have no tolerance or understanding at all. The only things I care about is to be successful, happy and satisfied.

During more than 14 years since my personal slave became my property, I developed our relationship to perfection. He knows what he has to do at any moment – all it takes is for me to look at him. He is at my service 24 hours a day which is exactly what I wanted from the very beginning. That kind of relation with him didn’t just give me freedom, financial independence and career advancement but also enabled me to enjoy everyday torture of my personal slave which makes me feel complete and happy. Yes, I can honestly say that I live in a truly harmonious marriage. After all, Me and My personal slave adore the same person…he adores Me and I…I adore Myself

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