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There is a reason that you are here. Like a moth to a flame You are drawn to me. Was it a glance at my sensual pics? Perhaps it was from a scroll through my seductively enticing clips? Day after day, images of me, desires and fantasies for me invade your thoughts. The seeds of addiction are planted within your pliable weak mind. It is not by chance that you crave more. You are following along the path that I have paved for you my pet. Once the desire for me takes root it will fill your mind and soul forever. The urge within drives you deeper, and creates a need to serve and please me. That is why you are here. There is no where else you want to be except kneeling in submission at my gorgeous feet, praying for the chance to become my property forever!

But don’t be fooled for a minute, this is not about you at all. These urges and desires that you feel are designed to benefit me and my Goddess Lifestyle. You see pet, I am a true living Goddess. I love sculpting your minds into a frenetic state of perpetual Goddess Lindsey addiction. Breaking you in one by one, fetish by kinky fetish, watching your life slowly fall into complete submission for me. This addiction, this craving will consume you. We both know that this is what you need.

Follow behind me like a good boy as I lead you into your new life. But be warned my pet, the urges of your servitude will be insatiable. This is not a game. I will stretch the limits of your addictive behavior and have you begging for more. You will live to serve your Goddess Lindsey, mind, body, wallet, and soul forever!

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