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Finally we laid our hands on some chubby hottie! We love them for their great soft bodies and their slutty nature which you need to bring out with some cursing and smacking. When fat girls get desperate, expect a firestorm. We had these special techniques of bringing out the beast in them. We badmouthed her, we jerked her by her sexy short hair, we slapped and smacked her till she went mad. Her ripe body was more than ready for some good old fucking, and she was so shocked she did not even try to resist as we got her naked. Wow, what a fuck! She turned out to be a pro sucker, so we had our nasty way with her cute little mouth. That fat cow got the pounding she deserved, and then we threw her out of the car in a place which looked even stranger than the one we picked her up at.

That bitch looked like some horrible fucking horticulturalist. We were driving through the countryside when we saw her shabbily dressed, hitchhiking on a deserted road. Just the type we need! Our posh car looked great to this silly country chick, and we threw her inside in no time at all. Operation Garden Shed is on! We had some raw shit in store for this one. Watch as we bury her head in the plastic bucket and do some drummin’ as her mouth gets stuffed with dick. Watch this crazy movie to find out about other garden tools we used! She could not believe she was getting gangbanged like that at all. As we threesomed her, pounding her mouth and wet cunt, she looked totally wasted and was able to say a thing about an hour after we creamed her hot body. Luckily, we drove off before.

19 video Rape Fantasy and Forced Hardcore

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