SubbyHubby presents Hailey Young & Mandy Sky in The Cuck Next Door. Download ODAY free videos.


Hailey and Mandy enjoy tormenting the boy next door. They know he will do anything to be close to them. The are amused in seeing how far he will go. They invite him over but tell him to be ready for a day of adventure. The girls are pleased to see that he is still wearing the chastity device they lured him into weeks ago. Hailey dangles the chastity key in front of his face as Mandy begins teasing him without mercy. The girls sit on his face and stroke his chastity device. They laugh as his balls turn blue right before their eyes. Now it is time for the real test. Hailey brings in a stud. The girls take turn fucking the stud and make their cuck lick the stud’s balls and their clits as they get off. The fun is only beginning for Mandy and Hailey. They are astonished with how much humiliation the cuck will take and keep pushing the envelope. The make the cuck suck the stud’s cock and take a facial. Then they put on strap on dicks themselves and fuck the cuck in the ass. The cuck can’t believe what is happening but he goes along in order to please Hailey and Mandy. At the end of the day, they decided to let the cuck out of chastity but there is a catch. The girls jerk him off in his own face and make him eat his own cum. The humiliation for this cuck is heartless.

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