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Envy crossed our body to discover in the first scene of this couple, as Jericob, a 27-year-old Cuban was buzzing a girl like Monica when she was only 14 years old. She is totally beautiful, very fashion, has a body of scandal, a dizzying ass that makes you lose the whole idea and a little pussy and pink nipples that make you believe that dolls exist. But Monica presumed (secretly) to have a wicked side, she would love to see how her boy does it with another woman in front of her, just thinking about it she masturbates in intimacy and goes wet all day. That is why he has proposed us to bring one of our neighbors as a Christmas present for his beloved Cuban. This girl is Mariposa, one of the hottest and hottest women in the FAKings scene, for which we all lose our heads. And on this occasion it will not only be Jericob who does it, Monica just seeing her is thrown to her lips and is willing to eat her pussy. This story is sung that will end with an incredible trio in which the lesbian moments are going to be scandalous. And you, would you make your partner a similar gift? Cheer up, it’s Christmas …

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