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If they’ve got cream, its because these chicks let lucky guys unload their dicks deep inside of them. Every shot ends with a slowly pouring vaginal fluid or anal creampie escaping from the babes newly fucked holes. This hardcore will be shown in HD photos and flicks.
It may not be the type of cream you put on strawberries (unless you’re weird) but the girls of Girls Got Cream are going to be taking home a lot of it anyway whether they like it or not. They will be taking it home with them deep inside their pussies or asses (and then presumably in the seat of their panties) as guys pump a whole load of sticky spunk inside them!Girls Got Cream attempts a pun on an old Cyndi Lauper song but unfortunately gets the lyrics slightly wrong – ‘Young Girl Wanna Have Cum’ sounds not nearly as good as ‘Young Girls Just Wanna Have Cum’ would have done! Still, these girls get their cum however they want it, although I must say that they really are terribly wasteful letting it drip out of their pussies and asses all over the bed when they have finished! Somebody will have to clean that up, girls! So it’s internal cumshots all the way on GirlsGotCream so expect a lot of hardcore one-on-one sex. The other major point of note that is worth mentioning, is that this is a hardcore site that will certainly appeal to fans of teens because almost all of the girls on board here are 18 or 19 years old. They are all impressively fresh faced and raw amateurs, and there are some really pretty girls here to be gawked at.
While the tour of Girls Got Cream claims that it’s about filling every hole with ‘massive cum loads’, looking at the preview material would lead me to believe that they’re primarily focused on dumping their hot spunk deposits into asses. In fact, of the 10 preview scenes on the homepage, only one wasn’t an anal creampie – you don’t need to be a mathematician to see that the odds are well and truly in favor of these ladies getting pumped full of jizz in the backdoor. I’m itching to see what’s available inside, so let’s get down to business and take a look, shall we? The member’s area looks very similar to the tour and follows a pattern of just displaying the latest updates on the homepage of the site. I should make it clear from the get go that while these scenes released based on when they were produced, the site no longer updates with fresh material. What you see is what you get, and the last time we saw something was back in 2010. Girls Got Cream has some good content, and although it’s obviously marketed as a creampie site, it wouldn’t make sense to just upload clips of girls getting cummed in without any of the buildup. Most of the babes that I saw in these videos were ones that I haven’t come across before, so chances are they’re completely new to the industry. It’s good that there’s plenty of amateur porn here too, because everyone loves a first-time slut getting cummed in, right? Oh, it should also be noted that really does prefer the anal creampie over anything else. Sometimes they breed these sluts with some pussy loads, but it’s generally just all in the rear entrance.
If they’ve got cream, it’s because these chicks let lucky guys unload their dicks deep inside of them. Every shot ends with a dripping vaginal or anal creampie slowly leaking out of a babe’s freshly fucked hole. You’ll see this nasty hardcore unfold in high-res pics and flicks that often come in HD. Updates are over, but there’s enough here to warrant a look. Back in the day, the milk industry asked incessantly “Got Milk?” On Girls Got Cream, a similar question is brought to bear on the porn industry. However, in this context it is far more appropriate to ask if you’ve “got creampie?” In terms of design, you will immediately be brought to the GirlsGotCream members’ area, which houses the two latest updates. If you love cock gobbling, hardcore fucking, moaning and chicks dripping loads of cum out of their wet holes, you’ll love everything about this collection. These girls force their partners to explode and you will be amazed at how much jizz streams out, creating thick and juicy creampies. In some scenes the chick will show creamy-white liquid oozing from her pussy and then the guy blasts her face with cum, so it’s possible these aren’t all real creampies. In the videos I watched, the partners never said one word to each other. The sucking, fucking and internal cumshots all launched with little dialogue or plot. I know gonzo can be great, but here it seems pretty repetitive at times.

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